A Mirror to the Soul of Nature

A Mirror to the Soul of Nature

Alfons Gallery

St. Joseph Center

1501 S. Layton Blvd.

(Greenfield Ave. at 27th St.)

Milwaukee, WI 53215

Valerie J. Christell

Alfons Gallery Curator



Photographer Catherine Lottes's acute awareness of genius loci, the “spirit of place,” is revealed in her Alfons Gallery exhibition, “A Mirror to the Soul of Nature.”


Lottes has been creating photographic fine art images for more than four decades, but it is only recently that she became fascinated with the myriad, multi-dimensional patterns that are created by mirroring single-source nature images.


“Art has often been called a mirror to nature,” Lottes writes in her artist statement. “In this case, nature is mirroring itself to create—or reveal—a more mystical, spiritual presence. The symmetry often has a meditative quality which is calming, absorbing, and satisfying to look at and contemplate.”


The exhibit continues through June 2. For more information, please contact Valerie J. Christell, Alfons Gallery's curator, at 414-385-5273 or email vchristell@sssf.org.